Rules of playing blackjack at a casino

Rules of playing blackjack at a casino

You can hardly find more understandable and clearer rules for novice gamblers to enter the world of gambling than the rules of the classic card game blackjack. It’s one of the most popular gambling products ever created. All over the world, blackjack is played both at home and in casinos, at parties, on the Internet. The popularity of this game is based on a simple calculation of winnings and quick mastery of the rules. Veterans ascertain that the blackjack game turns out to be a modern interpretation of the card game “twenty-one”, which arose in gambling institutions in France in the XIX century.

From 1 to 8 decks can be used to play blackjack, depending on the number of players. By the way, it’s quite possible to use one set of decks to play several games. This approach allows experienced players to increase their chances of winning by examining the assortment of cards gone. Such games, in turn, significantly reduce the chances of winning for the gambling platform, so the owners of casinos often ban it.

The very essence of blackjack

The main goal of the game is to defeat and take the winnings. The rules of blackjack are simple. You need to collect a card combination, which will have a maximum of points, among all participants, but within 21 points. Let’s take a closer look at how to consider cards in blackjack. Game cards from 2 to 10 are worth their value in accordance with their face value. So, the value of the ace can be reviewed in favor of the participant and it can be 1 or 11 points. All cards with pictures have a face value of ten. If the game is played from one deck, then the value of jack, queen and king changes by 2, 3, 4 points, respectively.

The course of the game at the gambling joint

1. The dealer, who is a casino employee, deals 2 cards from each deck to each player and takes one for himself.

2. All participants simultaneously open the cards for viewing. If one of the participants has 21 points, he wins and receives his prize one and a half times more than the amount set. Non-compliance with the condition is acceptable in the case when the dealer has the first ten, a picture or an ace. In this case, the participant who received 21 points, is offered to make a choice either to pick up the win 1 to 1 or to wait until the final results of the game. If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the winner will get a win in the amount of 3 to 2.

3. For participants who did not immediately receive a win, the dealer offers to take another card or leave their cards if the participant decides that he has enough points to win. The main task of the player is not to score more than 21 points. Otherwise, the dealer will take the bet.

4. If the dealer immediately collects blackjack on 2 cards, then all players who have not scored 21 points will automatically lose. Participants who have scored 21 will remain at their bets if they have not taken their winnings 1 to 1 yet.

5. When all participants have drawn the desired set of cards, then the dealer has the right to draw a set of cards in his favor. An important rule for the dealer in this game is a set of points equal to 17 or higher.

Varieties of blackjack

Today, in large gambling joints, the game blackjack has received several varieties and accordingly the rules of the game of blackjack have undergone some changes.

The game of the basic blackjack game suggests the opening of the first dealer card. The second will be closed during the game.

The “European” game provides an opportunity for the dealer to take 2 cards only after the final set of cards by all participants. If the dealer grasps blackjack, then all participants will be reimbursed for their investments, excluding only insurance.

Basic strategy

For beginners, who have just decided to master this exciting game, there are a few basic rules on how to play blackjack, which in the future will help them to avoid losing.

1. You require breaking the pairs consisting of aces and eights.

2. Stay away from disconnecting a couple, which includes 10 and a picture, a pair of fives.

3. You should break the pairs consisting of two, three, if the dealer has 4, 5, 6, 7 at hand.

These three rules are the main strategy during the game, built around elementary calculations. The application of these rules during the game does not guarantee you a 100% victory, but significantly increase the chances of getting it.

No matter that blackjack is a game for pleasure, making money playing this game is already a consequence of the mind’s work and luck of the player. So, if you have made up your mind to participate in the game in order to earn money, then immediately before a serious game you should train a lot and develop your own game strategies.

Extra tips

Well, you’ve just learned the basic rules for playing blackjack at a casino. If you are eager to give yourself an advantage pay attention to the following extra tips: 

  • Mind your expenses: You should always remember about your finances. Make bets consciously and never make bets all at once. Be careful in your actions and try to extend the pleasure, adjusting your bets accordingly. We advise you to never spend more than 5% of all your money on an initial bet. Then you will never lose them quickly and stupidly.
  • Behave decently: Always monitor your behavior at the card table. Do not allow yourself to be rude to the dealer and the players. Regardless of your mood, you should be calm and polite.
  • Forget about insurance: It’s really worthless in blackjack.
  • Change bids: You must change the bet depending on the situation at the gaming table. If everything looks good and you feel that you can win, you can make the bet. If you start to lose and understand that luck is leaving you, do the opposite.
  • You should know when it’s time to leave the game: That’s the golden rule of all players. Regardless of whether you win or not, you should always know when it’s time to leave the game. Even if you no longer have chips on the table, but you can buy new ones, you should leave. Do you feel that you are upset or tired? Just leave.
  • Do not be distracted: All these dazzling spotlights and noisy sounds in all casinos should not bother you. If you need some time to get used to it, just wander a bit around the casino. When everything becomes familiar, you can choose a table for the game.

Read unwritten rules of blackjack!

Getting familiar with unwritten rules of blackjack

Perhaps, you will agree that when it comes to collective activity, you need to think not only about yourself but also about the group as a whole. Everyone should be comfortable and pleased to take part in the process, for which it is necessary to comply with generally accepted norms of behavior. Good manners, attentiveness, honesty, and adequacy – these are the keys to a good atmosphere when playing blackjack.

Be honest!

Any gambling is a risky and, to some extent, uncertain thing. However, when it comes to adhering to the blackjack unwritten rules, everything should be clear. So, nobody should violate them. You shouldn’t deceive other players, engage in cheating and so on. All of this only makes you a dishonest player, with whom then no one will want to play at all. Therefore, be honest and behave according to the accepted rules, keeping to certain norms conduct, also known as the blackjack player’s code of conduct.

Don’t be in a hurry

Another important thing is that you shouldn’t rush or rush other players. Play thoughtfully, but do not delay the move. At the same time, you can’t even push the neighbors on the table, this is useless because you will only heat up the situation around.

Follow the card etiquette!

Do not forget about good breeding. Be polite to every player. You can not be rude and humiliate others, oppressing them morally. This interferes with the game and takes it far from the category of entertainment. Do not offend the croupier. Even if he made a mistake, the remark should be made carefully and tactfully. Remember that we are all humans and can make mistakes and inaccuracies.

You shouldn’t sit at the gaming table when the game is in full swing. In this case, you will have to wait untill the end of the game and. If the dealer allows, you can take up a free place during the next card deal.

Avoid giving tips on the cards. Instead, you’d better take care of your cards and leave the rest for the players. 

Some specific rules

In addition to general norms of behavior when playing blackjack, there are also certain specific nuances we need to mention too. Let’s see what rules to follow when playing this popular game. The blackjack player code of conduct includes the following points.

Do not touch the cards of other players. You are free to touch your cards without any restrictions but avoid touching cards that are not for you. Of course, in online mode everything is simpler: here you can’t touch them physically. However, in a real gaming establishment, this is not worth doing.

You can’t turn cards that are dealt face down. This is quite understandable. The essence of the game is to take risks without knowing the cards of the opponent. However, there are variations of blackjack, where the dealer opens part of his cards to the players at will.

In addition, you can not remove, mix cards instead of the dealer. This is only his duty and only he can touch the deck of cards.

Besides this, you shouldn’t lay out your own things on the table. It applies to mobile phones, wallets and so on. All of this stuff shouldn’t be on the table. In addition to cards and chips, any items must be hidden. First, they distract from the game. Well, imagine you are pondering over something important trying to resolve a vital issue and at this particular moment someone’s phone starts ringing. One can’t stand it! Secondly, when the gaming table is stuffed with a slew of unnecessary things, it’s getting extremely uncomfortable to play. You may be struggling to place cards or chips in this case. By the way, players’ elbows on the table can hardly get along with etiquette. However, this rule is often overlooked.

Forget about alcohol during the game

Perhaps, for some people, it’s quite difficult to follow this rule, since this game is gambling. However, even first-class players often become stupid and lose money earned in several sessions at one point, after drinking too much alcohol. On the other hand, there’s a very small group of upscale players who start winning more often and become more dangerous by taking a certain amount of alcohol. However, it’s an exception and most probably you don’t belong to this group.

Do not complain and do not make excuses

Well, bad bits occur. Dealers make mistakes from time to time. Casino workers take wrong decisions, and you suffer from this. Take it easy. Smile, bite your tongue, do what you want, but don’t complain. It’s because complaints will not help. They will only make you feel even worse and at the same time spoil the mood of everyone around you. Accordingly, the atmosphere of the game will suffer.

Forget about excuses. It’s a normal desire to receive the approval of pals and even unknown people. Nobody wants people would think that he did something stupid. Do you want other gamblers to understand how smart that call or raise was? Be silent. You will lose more than you gain. No one sits down at the table hoping to listen to your poker tips. Even if your lessons are good, no one there will pay for them.

Do not forget the phrase from the best gambling movie of all times “Cincinnati Kid”. Lancy Howard, played by Edward J. Robinson, forces his rival to call his raise. Eventually, Howard has a flush with a lady, and the opponent has a flush with a jack. So, he asks Howard angrily: “How did you learn that I did not have a king or an ace?” Howard calmly answers: “You paid only for viewing my hand. Lessons are worth extra money. ”

When you can’t show your best game, don’t play at all

When gambling start Chip Rhys couldn’t show his top game, he was still capable of demonstrating his best qualities and it was enough to become a winner. Most probably you are not so good. Even if you might have a certain advantage over most of the players against whom you play, it might be strong enough to show a confident game and win.

Therefore, if you feel tired and play bad, you’d better stop. You should feel when you are really able to win. Avoid starting a game just because it’s your duty. If you are sick, you’d better stay away from the game.    

Beginners guide how to be a dealer in blackjack

Dealing blackjack for dummies

If you think that the basic blackjack rules are too difficult, you are wrong. They’re fairly simple. So, gamblers attempt to score up to 21 but no more. Unlike poker, where participants take on each other, here, every player has to withstand the dealer.  

You know that paying out bets is what dealers are solely responsible for. So, these gambling employees can’t just grab insurance. Besides this, dealers aren’t able to double down on a fairly good hand. Furthermore, they can’t split their hand. Surrending for half a bet is unavailable for them too.

Aside from these regulations, when acting as the dealer in this game you have to adhere to extra rules restricting your ability to stand or hit. Moreover, in the vast majority of gambling joints, the dealer requires hitting on hands worth even less than seventeen points, no matter of the cards making up their hand.

When performing this role in blackjack with the hand worth twenty-one, twenty, nineteen, eighteen, and seventeen points, then you aren’t allowed to hit further. Instead, you require standing with the hand you currently have.    

The given limits on extra regulations, standing as well as hitting appear to be the only differences between yours and the gambler’s rules.

Before dealing cards

Perhaps, you can’t keep yourself waiting and want to get down to dealing the cards immediately. Don’t do it in a hurry because a number of crucial things need to be carried out before dealing cards.

First, you require shuffling your cards. In case of playing with several folks, you need to combine several decks together.

As soon as you complete shuffling your cards, you need to ensure that all gamblers have already made their bets. They need to do it before you get down to dealing cards.

Keep in mind that players are permitted to pursue a basic car strategy at the gaming table. You don’t have the right to help the gamblers. 

Dealing cards for gamblers

You require starting by dealing every gambler’s first card face down. Then, you should deal the participant on your left first. After this, you require moving left to right down the remaining gamblers. Conclude by dealing yourself a single card face down. Apparently, you require dealing another card to every gambler and this time the card needs to face up.

In the end, you require dealing your final card facing upwards. In case, it’s an ace, ask the gamblers if they are willing to buy insurance. Well, if the players agree, you require taking every gambler’s insurance and flipping over your second card to find out whether you face a blackjack.

Well, if you have it, you should collect bets from anybody who didn’t acquire insurance. Gamblers who bought insurance can count on their original bets. As for users with blackjack, they’ll get their original bet anyway, even if players didn’t acquire insurance.

Can’t do without a dealer

It’s impossible to imagine a casino operation without a dealer at roulette. In a pleasant voice, he announces the closure of bets and gracefully throws the ball onto the wheel. Like many other folks you are also admired by the fascinating process of shuffling a card deck with the dexterous hands of a dealer. Always smart and clear actions of employees of gambling establishments are able to fascinate gamblers no less than the gambling itself. A dealer is a rare profession that requires a person to have a large set of skills. This is not taught at the university. However, the special atmosphere in the workplace and a decent salary are worth it to take a closer look at this work and possibly devote your life to it.

Profession history

When at the end of the XVIII century, Blaise Pascal invented roulette, and Cardinal Mazarin actively promoted it, dealers, as we used to see them, did not exist. Later in Britain dealers were associated with the people who stood behind the novice player and helped him to cope with the rules.

In the distant past, British underground casinos hired employees for a special task. During the raid, they were supposed to swallow all the cubes used in the gambling establishment, so that the authorities could not prove the fact of playing dice for money.

In the twentieth century, the global entertainment industry developed rapidly and the number of establishments in Europe and the USA drastically grew. This led to the need for qualified personnel who could serve the players at the highest level. It was the Americans who created the special culture of gambling entertainment and the highest standards of the profession of a gaming dealer.

Teaching the profession of a dealer

Modern casinos have sufficient resources to independently train staff. It’s worth starting your casino career by looking for recruitment announcements for croupier courses.

At the preliminary interview, the manager of the institution will conduct an extended interview. The applicant must meet the following requirements:

• preferred age 21-25 years, height 160-190 cm, lack of criminal record;

• experience visiting a casino, knowledge of the rules of the main games;

• knowledge of one or several languages ​​for communication with foreigners;

• minimum knowledge of mathematics for scoring;

• lack of tattoos, noticeable scars and obvious defects on exposed parts of the body;

• neat and attractive appearance.

The undoubted qualities of a future casino employee should be punctuality, attentiveness, stress resistance, and the ability to easily communicate with people.

After successfully completing the interview, the applicant will be offered to join group training. In various institutions, it takes from 1 to 3 months, and the daily load can take from 2 to 8 hours. At the end of the course, an exam is held. Some casinos practice daily mini-testing to track knowledge progress.

How the dealer works

During work, a casino employee can perform several functions, the simplest of which is to be a chipper. Such an employee collects chips into piles of 20 pieces and helps the croupier at the roulette wheel. Moreover, the dealer:

• lays out chips by variety;

• launches a roulette wheel and a ball;

• announces winning numbers;

• accepts bets;

• shuffles and deals cards;

• clarifies the rules of the game;

• issues winnings;

• adheres to the rules of the gaming club.

Blackjack anchor position

Talking about blackjack anchor position

Being aware of where to occupy a position at a gaming table might be the huge difference between merely waiting for a seat at a gaming table and finding a place among a couple of gamblers. Well, occupying a definite seat in the game doesn’t mean any kind of mathematical advantage over other participants. Nevertheless, for newbies, and specific roles in the game some seats can be crucial.

Finding a proper place at a table

Before we determine where seats are, let’s find out how the specific game language denotes various positions in the game. So, in this classic card game, every seat is termed in compliance with its position what advantages it gives to the player sitting there. Notwithstanding the fact statistics ascertains that all seats in blackjack happen to be fairly equal for all players, however, no one denies the availability of evident pros and cons associated with any seat although they aren’t closely connected with the odds.       

While at offline gambling joints blackjack tables can come up with 6 or 7 gamblers, but only three places have names with two of popular roles in blackjack. Besides this, tables in this game aren’t always full. As follows from this, these seats might not always be occupied. Now let’s take a detailed look at these seats.

First base: It appears to be the 1st place on the far right. Well, it faces the croupier. So, the name can be explained in the following way. Here the croupier deals cards to the seat from the 1st gambler to the left from the croupier to the right participant. Here, the gambler of the first base place’s the first to obtain the cards. What’s more, he finds himself in the seat, which allows him to be the first to double, split, hit, double down, stand, surrender.

Third seat: A lot of blackjack gamblers are assured that the 3d base place appears to be the middle position. However, they’re wrong. The 3d base place turns out to be the final position from the right or the first one on the left. Additionally, the given seat is often dubbed the anchor seat. That’s the central figure of our review. We can define him as a gambler who gets the first two cards issued by the croupier last as well as being the last gambler to decide and also act on what these guys are eager to carry out with their hand.

Shortstop place: Well, this place isn’t so crucial as the two illustrated above. The probable explanation is that it doesn’t bear much responsibility compared to other positions here. The given seat is situated in the middle of the gaming table. Additionally, It can hamper other gamblers to the left from occupying positions at the table.

Anchorman blackjack

Flipping the script – that’s what the anchor place is all about. The given seat is situated to the right of the croupier. As you may perceive, his seat’s far left.   

As the last gambler to act, he’s used to retaining a position of utmost significance in any blackjack round. As faults generated from the first base are able to affect the flow of a hand, a glitch made by the anchorman can easily turn potential winners into losers, and we mean the entire table. 

Just imagine a situation where every gambler at the gaming table apart from him has performed well so that everybody holds an 18-20 hand. Here, everybody keeps an eye open on the anchorman due to the fact it’s up to this participant to make the final play before the croupier concludes.

If the croupier’s demonstrating a clear bust scenario, with any playing card ranging from 2 to 6 as their up card, then the anchorman is expected to stand. It’s due to the fact the deck has over ten-value symbols than any other. Furthermore, those 10s alongside face ones will urge the croupier to bust.

Now, let’s consider another example. Players have the 20s, 19s, 18s. Moreover, the action has found you. Well, you have a 13 to withstand the croupier’s 5up card and it feels like it would be a good thing to stand in this spot.    

However, an uninformed anchorman might go ahead hitting here, neglecting other folks. Anyway, these unwitting anchor gamblers draw a ten-value card just to go bust. However, it’s not all because the croupier turns over a face playing card for the purpose of making a 16 total. Drawing another card – that’s what they should do. If you just stuck with your 13, then the next playing card dealt would have been a 10 value just to have the dealer busted at 26.

Well, with that bust playing card currently staying in the muck, a 5 is tossed by the croupier to make twenty-one, thus beating all gamblers at the table. Therefore, a single error made by the anchorman can ruin the entire gaming table. We hope you will never become a victim of his fatal mistake.

That’s why sharp gamblers would prefer waiting, even with other positions open, until they’re able to have the anchor position locked up. Well, they are reluctant to see their results to be subject to mediocre play from an unknown person. Therefore, they made up their minds to act last on their own.

If you’re currently exploring the whole variety of the game’s pitfalls and haven’t a key strategy at hand yet, you’d better pay attention to the anchor seat first since he’s a decisive figure at the table. 

Seats in the game online

The online environment is the place where new gamblers can feel themselves very comfortable. If you’re a newbie and cling to the third base position just to get terrible stares making you want to opt out, then it makes sense for you to go online to gain enough confidence for a land-based gambling joint.

However, there’s one exception when gambling in the network and it comes with the live dealer deeds. When you register with an online gambling platform, you’d better do it at a respected resource and deposit an affordable amount.  

Here, it is going to be quite possible for you to choose the seat that would suit you best of all. By the way, as a rule, tables aren’t full online. In the network, gambling platforms can give you a real experience of choosing a position, and if the chat function is within your reach you can view players’ reactions as to where you’re actually sitting. Moreover, any inadequate content can’t be tolerated at reputable gambling joints, so it’s a good place to practice choosing the right place.

21+3 blackjack rules: odds, how to play

Getting familiar with 21+3 blackjack

The growing competition in the online gambling market is forcing creators of online casino software to come up with more new ways to attract customers. One popular method is to develop original models by simply combining several time-tested gambling games.

In this review, we are going to discuss the popular game dubbed 21 + 3 Blackjack. It has already gained a large faithful audience online. The given game actually combines the principles of classic European blackjack and three-card poker. Let’s have a closer look at the final outcome of several gambling developers.

21+3 blackjack rules

Of course, any acquaintance with a new game always starts with its rules. The same is true for this review. We are going to illustrate 21+3 official blackjack rules.  

Well, we can define 21 + 3 Blackjack as an unusual kind of online blackjack. The game features certain elements of a three-card poker. The author of the game is Derek Webb, who once invented this type of poker.

For the game, six standard decks of fifty-two sheets each are used. There are no jokers here. All cards are shuffled before each deal.

Here you can make two bets. The main one is a regular blackjack bet. The player who made it seeks to defeat the dealer, gaining more points than he, without exceeding twenty-one.

At this bet, the game is played on the basis of the following rules:

• The dealer takes the card at sixteen and stops at any seventeen.

• The dealer initially takes for himself one card, which he puts open.

• Double’s allowed on any two cards.

• Split and re-split are allowed on the box.

• Double can be done after split.

• One split is dealt to split aces.

• There can be no blackjack on divided boxes.

• There is no surrender in 21 + 3 Blackjack.

• There is insurance against blackjack with an open ace at the dealer.

The usual winning box is paid with the odds 1: 1. For blackjack, it’s 3: 2, and for insurance, it amounts to 2: 1.

We should also mention a so-called “side bet.” Well, that’s an extra wager normally put outside the key betting area in the beginning of every round. Here, it’s placed on an extra field. The first two cards of the gambler and the dealer’s card opened from the deal are played on it. If there’s a paid combination in these three cards, the client will immediately receive a payment of the set amount.

Taken from poker, a side bet in 21+3 can bring you a win on the condition your first two cards as well as the dealer’s upcard are made up of any of the following combinations. As a matter of fact, the 21+3 area shows up to the right of the gambler’s betting area. It gets highlighted at the betting window. Since the payouts of the side bets in this game are fairly high, you’d better play them only you already play this game professionally.

These are key types of side bets in the game:


In this case, the cards share the same suit such as 8, 3, and 4 of Diamonds.

Suited Trips

3 cards from an identical triplet, such as three 4’s of Spades.

Three of a Kind

These cards share the same value, although have different suits. These may be three unmatching Jacks.


These cards demonstrate a numerical sequence, although coming from different suits. For example, these may be four of Clubs, five of Hearts, six of Spades.

Straight Flush

With an evident numerical sequence, they also share the same suit. For example, we can mention Hearts, 7, 8, 9.

The following combinations are considered to be winning:

• Flash – 5: 1

• Straight – 10: 1

• 3’s – 33: 1

• Straight flush – 35: 1

• 3’s of the same suit – 100: 1

You can play 21 + 3 Blackjack for only one box. In some online casinos, both bets are accepted in the range from one to a thousand credits.

Specified by the manufacturer the theoretical return of 21 + 3 Blackjack amounts to 99.7%.

Let’s illustrate a situation when the client makes both bets (they can be of different sizes). The dealer deals one card to himself and two cards to the player. If there is a paid combination of three-card poker in the three cards lying on the table, a prize is awarded on it.

Then the client decides what to do with his two cards, following the rules of blackjack. Based on the situation, he can take another card, split or double the bet. In general, everything is like in ordinary blackjack.

Bonus Games in 21 + 3 Blackjack

There are no bonus payments in the game 21 + 3 Blackjack.


A progressive jackpot is absent in this game.

User interface

Now it’s high time to get familiar with the user interface of this gambling game. We will show you all the basic elements of the control panel and explain their functions.  

• Deal – to deal cards

• Rebet and Deal – to repeat the bet and deal cards

• Rebet – to repeat the bet

• Double Bet – to make a double bet

• Clear – to remove bets

• Select Your Bet Size – to choose the chip value for betting

• Hit – draw a card

• Stand – stop card drawing

• Split – split cards into two hands

• Double Down – to make a double boxing bet

• Options – user settings

• Paid – a payout amount

• Bet – a bet size

• Game Rules – to view game rules

• Paytable – to view a paytable

In the parameters, you can enable or disable pop-up prompts. Here you can also find an offer to make insurance and accelerated deals. In addition to this, here you can specify the quality level of the graphics. If you are eager to find out more about this gambling game, feel free to take advantage of a detailed reference section.


In general, we can say that 21+3 Blackjack is a classic European blackjack, you might have already played. Here a side bet was added, playing according to the rules of three-card poker. By the way, you do not need to understand this poker because all the actions associated with it are performed automatically. You just need to make the right decisions in this version of blackjack.

Where can I play 21 + 3 Blackjack for free without registration or for money?

The game 21 + 3 Blackjack can be found in various online casinos. Except for playing for money, you may be offered a demo mode you can even try without registration. A demo mode will enable you to polish your skills before moving to real money bets. 

Are there any ways to beat online casinos?

Online casinos always attract users and gamblers with the opportunity to win decent money. Everyone wants to hit the jackpot, win poker or roulette games and enjoy the game. However, not everyone does it, because it is primarily a risk. You can win, or you can lose a very large amount of money. It all depends on the luck of each player. Therefore, there is a question whether it is possible to cheat online casinos, and constantly win money.

It should be said immediately that it is not even worth trying to hack the site, no matter what a brilliant computer scientist you are, as all attempts will be stopped by the administration and your account will be blocked forever.

The main features of a real win.

Before talking about a few completely legitimate ways to beat an online casino, it is worth mentioning that it is very important to choose such a site. It is necessary to make sure, first of all, about the reliability of the casino that you have chosen for the game. It is also very important to study the system of its payments and the win rate. The more it is, the more opportunities the player has to win in this virtual institution. All these statistics are provided in every major online casino.

It is also worth choosing the most suitable game. After all, gambling requires peace of mind and self-control in order not to lose all the money at once. The game should be a fun, the player should be relaxed and think about each step. Each game in a casino requires concentration, because one wrong step can lead to large financial losses. You should also pay attention to the bonus policy of the casino and study it in detail.

If a player is willing to play for large amounts, it is better to give up the deposit bonus, as it will be very difficult to win back. If it is a smaller amount, such a bonus can help you to win. It is also worth studying the information on whether the site hosts various tournaments and promotions. If they are held, it is necessary to participate in them. Such tournaments will help to earn more bonuses and free spins, which will help in the subsequent game for money. You can also win cash prizes in such tournaments.

There are no clearly written instructions for winning in an online casino, as all casinos would be ruined by constant winnings. However, there are a few tips that will help you to minimize your loss. Do not forget that the most important thing to win is luck.

Secret of winning in Keno

Keno is a world-famous game that fulfills the dreams of common people every year. Even though the rules of Keno are extremely simple and don’t require special skills or experience, a very large number of casino lovers don’t lose interest in Keno and keep fighting and tempting fate in this lottery.

The point of Keno is incredibly simple – as most other gambling games, it is based on random numbers. If you prefer to play Keno online, special program will generate such numbers for you. All you have to do is to place bets on several numbers in the playing field. Actually, the game outcome depends on the match/mismatch of the cells where the bets have been placed earlier with the numbers dropped.

How to win in Keno?

Yet surprisingly, people who play Keno regularly are convinced that there is a complete system of winning in Keno, and despite its simplicity, the efficiency of the game has been proven by the players from many countries.

In practice, it is not that hard to understand and test this winning system.

Some secrets

The game where the player bets on fewer numbers, has more chances to win than, for example, the play on large numbers. This is a small detail, however, it can be defining, especially when it comes to the first steps (initial stages of the game). Simple math shows that the chances of 4:10 bets are much higher than those of 6:10 bets. Just for the record: newcomers should start playing only with the small numbers.

Players must use 100% of bet variety. Thus, having tried your luck in one type of bets, you can easily switch to the other one – they can be both combined and separate. With experience, you will be able to analyze the game situation and see what bet you should make at one point or another. If the game doesn’t bring you profit for a certain period of time, this is a signal that you need to change your strategy as soon as possible, using both single and combined bets.

System of Keno

As practice shows, overwhelming number of players considers gambling games as a way to try their luck. Will the fortune favor them this time? That’s a great strategy, if you just want to have fun. But there is another category of players. They make every effort to calculate any patterns. As the rate of return in the game is minimal, the players have to develop a strategy, which may not even the odds but significantly increase the gambler’s chances of winning.

Rumor has it that because of tough competition, return rate in virtual casinos, which offer to play Keno, is 80-95%. But actually, all of this is exaggerated.

What is Blitz (play 6x faster)

What is Blitz?

Blitz is a new slots interface. It provides players to diminish the time of playing slots by six times. All users of the online casino are able to enjoy new Blitz interface.

Play Slots 6 Times Faster

Speed has been a significant factor for betting operators or online casino customers from all over the world.
NetEnt together with Hero Gaming created The Blitz interface, which allows players to take part in slots at a faster rate. It is a great solution. So, there is no losing time on waiting after each spin. It’s not necessary to wait for a long period of time for the slots display to appear. The Blitz interface creation offers slot players to play 6 times faster.
The Blitz is a new feature, which changes the way you play slots. It should be easier and faster while the pleasure is higher.

Spins Will Be up to 6x Faster

The new interface will let slot players to play six times as fast as normal speed. The new game mode is available on NetEnt games at Casino Heroes online casino exclusively.
After launching the Blitz the game will look a bit different. When you play in Blitz mode there are no reels or spinning animation on the screen. The reel-spinning animation on every turn is removed. There will be shown your accumulated winnings.
While the screen is different the slot engine is the same. The fans of Starburst, Twin Spin Deluxe, BerryBurst, Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk, Butterfly Staxx will enjoy a faster, more exciting game.

How does It Work?

The Blitz mode gives a whole new concept of playing slots. You don’t see special animations or hear slot sounds. But you have the same chances to win playing fast-paced mode game.
There will be show money balance in the middle of the screen. Besides, you can choose a number of spins.
Then, set the amount of money you’re willing to bet. The blue light on the screen instead of the red one indicates a special feature or a bonus round.

Choose between Free Spins and Bonuses with your Welcome Offer!

Are you a new player? You can get free spins or deposit matches.
If you’re a new player who likes free spins more than deposit matches claim the free spins offer on your first deposit.
If you like deposit bonuses claim deposit matches and extra spins for free upon first deposit.
So, you should register, get your bonus and enjoy an experience of an entirely new level.