Secret of winning in Keno

Keno is a world-famous game that fulfills the dreams of common people every year. Even though the rules of Keno are extremely simple and don’t require special skills or experience, a very large number of casino lovers don’t lose interest in Keno and keep fighting and tempting fate in this lottery.

The point of Keno is incredibly simple – as most other gambling games, it is based on random numbers. If you prefer to play Keno online, special program will generate such numbers for you. All you have to do is to place bets on several numbers in the playing field. Actually, the game outcome depends on the match/mismatch of the cells where the bets have been placed earlier with the numbers dropped.

How to win in Keno?

Yet surprisingly, people who play Keno regularly are convinced that there is a complete system of winning in Keno, and despite its simplicity, the efficiency of the game has been proven by the players from many countries.

In practice, it is not that hard to understand and test this winning system.

Some secrets

The game where the player bets on fewer numbers, has more chances to win than, for example, the play on large numbers. This is a small detail, however, it can be defining, especially when it comes to the first steps (initial stages of the game). Simple math shows that the chances of 4:10 bets are much higher than those of 6:10 bets. Just for the record: newcomers should start playing only with the small numbers.

Players must use 100% of bet variety. Thus, having tried your luck in one type of bets, you can easily switch to the other one – they can be both combined and separate. With experience, you will be able to analyze the game situation and see what bet you should make at one point or another. If the game doesn’t bring you profit for a certain period of time, this is a signal that you need to change your strategy as soon as possible, using both single and combined bets.

System of Keno

As practice shows, overwhelming number of players considers gambling games as a way to try their luck. Will the fortune favor them this time? That’s a great strategy, if you just want to have fun. But there is another category of players. They make every effort to calculate any patterns. As the rate of return in the game is minimal, the players have to develop a strategy, which may not even the odds but significantly increase the gambler’s chances of winning.

Rumor has it that because of tough competition, return rate in virtual casinos, which offer to play Keno, is 80-95%. But actually, all of this is exaggerated.

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