Read unwritten rules of blackjack!

Getting familiar with unwritten rules of blackjack

Perhaps, you will agree that when it comes to collective activity, you need to think not only about yourself but also about the group as a whole. Everyone should be comfortable and pleased to take part in the process, for which it is necessary to comply with generally accepted norms of behavior. Good manners, attentiveness, honesty, and adequacy – these are the keys to a good atmosphere when playing blackjack.

Be honest!

Any gambling is a risky and, to some extent, uncertain thing. However, when it comes to adhering to the blackjack unwritten rules, everything should be clear. So, nobody should violate them. You shouldn’t deceive other players, engage in cheating and so on. All of this only makes you a dishonest player, with whom then no one will want to play at all. Therefore, be honest and behave according to the accepted rules, keeping to certain norms conduct, also known as the blackjack player’s code of conduct.

Don’t be in a hurry

Another important thing is that you shouldn’t rush or rush other players. Play thoughtfully, but do not delay the move. At the same time, you can’t even push the neighbors on the table, this is useless because you will only heat up the situation around.

Follow the card etiquette!

Do not forget about good breeding. Be polite to every player. You can not be rude and humiliate others, oppressing them morally. This interferes with the game and takes it far from the category of entertainment. Do not offend the croupier. Even if he made a mistake, the remark should be made carefully and tactfully. Remember that we are all humans and can make mistakes and inaccuracies.

You shouldn’t sit at the gaming table when the game is in full swing. In this case, you will have to wait untill the end of the game and. If the dealer allows, you can take up a free place during the next card deal.

Avoid giving tips on the cards. Instead, you’d better take care of your cards and leave the rest for the players. 

Some specific rules

In addition to general norms of behavior when playing blackjack, there are also certain specific nuances we need to mention too. Let’s see what rules to follow when playing this popular game. The blackjack player code of conduct includes the following points.

Do not touch the cards of other players. You are free to touch your cards without any restrictions but avoid touching cards that are not for you. Of course, in online mode everything is simpler: here you can’t touch them physically. However, in a real gaming establishment, this is not worth doing.

You can’t turn cards that are dealt face down. This is quite understandable. The essence of the game is to take risks without knowing the cards of the opponent. However, there are variations of blackjack, where the dealer opens part of his cards to the players at will.

In addition, you can not remove, mix cards instead of the dealer. This is only his duty and only he can touch the deck of cards.

Besides this, you shouldn’t lay out your own things on the table. It applies to mobile phones, wallets and so on. All of this stuff shouldn’t be on the table. In addition to cards and chips, any items must be hidden. First, they distract from the game. Well, imagine you are pondering over something important trying to resolve a vital issue and at this particular moment someone’s phone starts ringing. One can’t stand it! Secondly, when the gaming table is stuffed with a slew of unnecessary things, it’s getting extremely uncomfortable to play. You may be struggling to place cards or chips in this case. By the way, players’ elbows on the table can hardly get along with etiquette. However, this rule is often overlooked.

Forget about alcohol during the game

Perhaps, for some people, it’s quite difficult to follow this rule, since this game is gambling. However, even first-class players often become stupid and lose money earned in several sessions at one point, after drinking too much alcohol. On the other hand, there’s a very small group of upscale players who start winning more often and become more dangerous by taking a certain amount of alcohol. However, it’s an exception and most probably you don’t belong to this group.

Do not complain and do not make excuses

Well, bad bits occur. Dealers make mistakes from time to time. Casino workers take wrong decisions, and you suffer from this. Take it easy. Smile, bite your tongue, do what you want, but don’t complain. It’s because complaints will not help. They will only make you feel even worse and at the same time spoil the mood of everyone around you. Accordingly, the atmosphere of the game will suffer.

Forget about excuses. It’s a normal desire to receive the approval of pals and even unknown people. Nobody wants people would think that he did something stupid. Do you want other gamblers to understand how smart that call or raise was? Be silent. You will lose more than you gain. No one sits down at the table hoping to listen to your poker tips. Even if your lessons are good, no one there will pay for them.

Do not forget the phrase from the best gambling movie of all times “Cincinnati Kid”. Lancy Howard, played by Edward J. Robinson, forces his rival to call his raise. Eventually, Howard has a flush with a lady, and the opponent has a flush with a jack. So, he asks Howard angrily: “How did you learn that I did not have a king or an ace?” Howard calmly answers: “You paid only for viewing my hand. Lessons are worth extra money. ”

When you can’t show your best game, don’t play at all

When gambling start Chip Rhys couldn’t show his top game, he was still capable of demonstrating his best qualities and it was enough to become a winner. Most probably you are not so good. Even if you might have a certain advantage over most of the players against whom you play, it might be strong enough to show a confident game and win.

Therefore, if you feel tired and play bad, you’d better stop. You should feel when you are really able to win. Avoid starting a game just because it’s your duty. If you are sick, you’d better stay away from the game.    

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